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Competitive, trustworthy and sustainable service package for your clients.


By working with Prime of a prime broker your capital requirements running your business will be as low as a retail FX broker. You don't have to be margined like Tier 1 Banks.
Insufficient profitability leads banks to reject your orders in a percentage as high as which leads slippage. POP prevents the broker from that and helps to achieve deep liquidity and deal with real Market Makers via ECN venues.


Technology-driven brokers can route the flow by its size, speed, and spread. According to your clients perspective, DMA Capitals can offer you the optimum pool for mutual interests between the broker and client


The wide range of products and knowledge offered by DMA Capitals derives the POP users enhance their business in different aspects regarding the regulations in their countries.



Prime of Prime Brokerage service with DMA Capitals stands for the institutions, Retail FX brokers, Family offices, Asset Managers, and Hedge Funds. Stay focused on your core business and competitive advantages let DMA Capitals POP finds you the right solution for your trading activities.

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Prime broker solutions for prime brokers and institutions that seek real liquidity and high-risk award ratios. Support your business with technology-driven FX clearing and ECN based liquidity pools. Let us analyze your volume and offer you the right pool.

The concept, Prime of Prime broker; Late 2015, retail prime brokers and institutions are having difficulties finding a Tier1 prime brokerage to use as a link between the end-user to the biggest financial institutions eventually act as a market maker in the system. The difficulties emerge in Tier 1 Institutions, is the stability of business, the history of the counterparty, and profitability. These aspects affect the decrease in the quality of the Prime Brokerage service. Eventually, some prime brokers lose their business and customer database because of the bad pricing, order rejections, or weak liquidity from their Prime brokers. DMA Capitals as a Tier 1 Prime broker has a different strategy to serve its prime brokers, institutions, hedge funds, and retail Fx brokers. Being a technology-driven institution helps DMA Capitals to pile up the institutional exposures together and STP via ECN’s and depth providing Tier 1 banks. Liquidity inspection in milliseconds supports the undesirable exposure flow distribution to different venues and banks. Leads the credibility growth and profitable businesses with the Tier 1 banks. As a prime of prime brokerage DMA Capitals sets the benchmark acting as a liquidity Providing solutions and Prime of Prime Brokerage solutions.

Most brokers think their price comes from different LP’s and their executions hits the best of them. Giving up the risk at the end of the day to their Prime Brokers. Contrary to the popular belief the LP is the prime broker and market maker itself. If the volume is not enough to cover the business eventually your LP will start to reject some of your orders or let slippages occur.


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