Multi Level IB

Multi-Level IB Program

In Multi-Level IB, you can create your own network of IBs and receive commission from their clients’ trading!

This what adds fuel to this very effective business structure. And the ladder does not stop there. When IBs sign up other traders, they get IB Rebate and you as Master IB also gets share from this.

The chain goes on and the share varies for different IB levels. This composition is called Multi-Level IB structure. Hiring IBs (Introducing Brokers) for this job is the fastest and reliable way to grow your business.

Benefits of Multi-Level IB:    

  1. Continuous increase in the number of clients
  2. Full control of your business and management of your own IB network
  3. Access to all the required features
  4. You get benefit when any one from you IB network gets benefit

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To become Master IB and join this program, send email at, we will get back to you soon.


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